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18 Jun 2013

There really aren’t many differences between the two current proposals, which were designed to incorporate the new Silver Line to Dulles airport. As mentioned in the WashPost comments, the only major flaw I see is using the same color for the background beltway and DC boundary as for the Silver Line.

image image

To be honest, I still prefer a lot of the options that Cameron Booth proposed in his 2010 reworking:


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Cameron Booth

June 18th, 2013 at 4:10 pm

Actually, it’s not the same grey at all.

The DC Metro maps are screen printed, and I got confirmation via a tweet from a WMATA representative that there are a whopping THIRTEEN different colours used on these maps: 4 greys (Silver Line, Beltway grey, county border grey, and icon grey), 3 greens (parks, Mall, Green Line), 2 Blues (river, Blue Line), Black, Red, Yellow and Orange.

You can clearly see in the first photo in this post over at my Transit Maps site (, that the county border lines have their own plate, completely distinct from the Silver Line and the beltway.

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