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20 Dec 2012

Yes, I know everyone out there is a master at Illustrator and can create any image they want in mere moments. Ha! But why re-invent the wheel?!? There are a lot of cool free and pay collections of vector elements out there for re-purposing in your own creations.

First off, there’s one of my all-time personal favorites: The Noun Project. The simplicity of symbols convey a lot of power. The noun project usually has multiple versions of any noun you an think of. Some are free, some ask that you attribute the creator, and some are royalty-free for a fee.


If you don’t mind spending just a few bucks ($3-6 on average), head over to graphicriver and do a search for “infographic” or “charts”.  Sure, a lot of the packages are full of tacky design – but remember, these are just time-saving ingredients for your next masterpiece.

Infographic Elements Pack 02Infographic Elements Template Pack 01Infographic Elements Template Pack 01

If you are more comfortable with Photoshop, there are also decent bitmap based templates:


Why did I save the free ones for last? Because they aren’t very good, to be honest. Most of the free templates I found include only the most basic of shapes.

Business data elements vector 03High-Tech Graphics Vector

Anyone have any other recommendations?

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Ben K

December 21st, 2012 at 2:40 am

I always appreciate having a stock of these icons in my back pocket. Saves time and valuable creative power!


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