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26 Jan 2012

Ok, there’s not much charting going on here, but there is a whole lot of fascinating data on Google ad revenue, as compiled by search marketing company WordStream. It is stunning what companies are paying per click for some of these keywords. In revenge for years of mediocre service (and because it was fun), I just went and searched for “high speed internet deals” then clicked on Comcast’s ad – supposedly costing them >$20. That’ll teach ‘em!

Design wise, this is pretty good. I might have shrunk (or killed) some of the clipart, made the fonts bigger, and tossed in a bar chart at the top instead of those “kind of looks like a chart but isn’t” ribbons – but overall, it works.

image image

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January 27th, 2012 at 4:49 am

Yeah – there’s a worrying trend for fake charts, as if people think that making something just look like a chart gives it credibility.

It’s really bad for the field – we need the public to be able to assume something that looks like fact is fact and not just pass over or ignore things like this assuming they’re meaningless. Fake charts will undermine that for all of us – if people have to stop every time to check if a chart is real or fake, they’ll soon stop bothering entirely.

I’m already starting to see that the more designed something looks, the more likely people are to assume it’s not based on fact. This is worrying…



January 30th, 2012 at 8:31 pm

The data in this is fascinating, but the graphic doesn’t help at all. You could visualise how big the sectors are compared to the whole, how big the top companies are compared to sectors, and how big they are compared to the total.

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