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29 Mar 2011

I receive a lot of emails asking what tools can be used to move past excel and create cool charts. Well, here’s one: ezViz is a very affordable ($79) desktop data visualization analysis tool that has many of the same cool features as much more expensive products such as Tableau and Spotfire. Starting with an excel spreadsheet you can easily assign variables to chart attributes, filter, and drill down through your data. Chart types include heatmaps, scatter bubbles, maps, and surface plots, among others. Watch the video and read the manual to see some of the nifty features included. Tableau and Spotfire are awesome and more powerful products, obviously, but they have priced themselves so far out of the reach of researchers and analysts that it’s nice to see a product like this fill in the gap a little.

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Zach Kurtz

March 29th, 2011 at 12:13 pm

Learn R! As one of the many freely available graphing packages is one to plug data into Google’s graphing API, so no need to know javascript (Gvis). Tools are a bit underdeveloped so far, but there are plenty of free options out there.

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