Nuclear Fear Mongering

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19 Mar 2011

Ughhh. Type in your zip code and see how close you are to a nuclear plant!! There’s even a red target painted on the reactor!!!  I’m primarily posting this so I have an excuse to link to this excellent article, which explains in detail what’s going on in Japan and why you shouldn’t run out to buy potassium pills and start digging a fallout shelter. I might also point out that we conducted 140+ atmospheric atomic tests in Nevada – I’m not saying that was a particularly intelligent or healthy thing to do, but let’s maintain a little perspective about fallout risks, shall we?


(via the always excellent Barry Ritholtz)

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March 22nd, 2011 at 08:28

The difference between atmospheric tests and a reactor failure is that the amount of fissible material in a bomb is measured in dozens of kilograms, whereas in a reactor it’s dozens of TONS.

Just yesterday I saw a graph of the radiation measured in fish caught in the North Sea since the 1950s. There was huge bump right at the beginning due to the atmospheric tests, then it went down gradually, only to jump up to considerably higher values after Chernobyl.

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