Hipmunk: Visual Airline Reservations

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22 Oct 2010

Some airlines (Southwest and Jetblue) have made choosing flights an almost pleasant experience by clearly presenting available flights and costs — most other airlines still suck. Hipmunk is a new flight search tool which applies some simple design techniques to aggregate options clearly. I also love that they have a “sort by agony” option which combines price, duration, and layovers. (via FlowingData)


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Alexis Ohanian

October 24th, 2010 at 11:11 am

Thanks for the great review of hipmunk! Always nice to see fans of our data visualization. Hadn’t really thought of hipmunk as ‘porn’ before, but ‘dataporn’ feels about right. If you’ve got any questions for the team – drop me a note! alexis@hipmunk.com

Really, we appreciate the buzz, since we don’t have a PR firm, it’s because of rad people like you that we’re growing like we are!

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