The Big Mac Index

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25 Jul 2010

Asia remains the cheapest place to enjoy a burger. China’s recent decision to increase the “flexibility” of the yuan has not made much difference yet. A Big Mac costs $1.95 in China at current exchange rates, against $3.73 in America. [...] In other words the yuan is undervalued by 48%.


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July 25th, 2010 at 12:03 pm

Not a hugely effective measurement. Supply and demand come into view as well. How many steers for burgers are there in Norway or Denmark? I’d guess pretty few. Is a Big Mac considered a slightly upscale blue-collar meal as it is in the US in Argentina, Hong Kong, Switzerland? I’d guess no.

A better solution is to find out what is the local major food snack and compare those prices. In other words, how much does Smorrebord cost in Denmark, how much does fish and chips cost in the UK, etc.

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