Wall Street Compensation 2006-09

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17 Jan 2010

A very nice treemap presentation — you can drill down by year and company level. Clicking on a company box will bring up their own comments on compensation policies. Well done WSJ!


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Jon Peltier

January 20th, 2010 at 9:26 pm

I had seen a screen shot of this already, but not the interactive graphic. It’s cute, and the interaction is fun. Follow the bouncing boxes.

I wouldn’t call this a treemap. It’s more like a square pie. The area encoding of the data de-emphasizes the larger boxes. Bars or Lines would be easier to interpret.

The “sort by” dropdown is really “filter by”. Why are the boxes not sorted according to size?

Also, the boxes in the bottom row are so far apart, it’s not easy to tell their relative sizes.

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