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Geek Productivity

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29 Apr 2013

Pretty accurate. Some people just don’t understand that performing at a high level requires some rest periods in between the productivity. Or maybe we really are just lazy – I can’t say for sure.


OK, this isn’t a chart. But it is an incredibly well designed and hilarious rap video about economic theory.  Images and methods are are powerful communication tools. Check out EconStories for more music videos and mini-documentaries.

Note: Safe for work (no dirty pictures or obscenity).

John Millward analyzed meta data from the Internet Adult Film Database and came up with some interesting findings. Apparently. the average female porn star is 5’5″ tall, weighs 117lbs, has B-cup breasts, starts when they are 22 and has a 3 year career.

Hair color, against stereotype, is not dominated by blondes:

Race matches closely with the general population:


Most common names:

There are other findings, but even a blog named ChartPorn has some limits – so if you want to see them, head over to the original article.

Amusing and accurate. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original source to link back to.

update: created by Julian Lozos. Nice work!


I Need A Cat

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12 Jan 2013


Chart of Having the Flu

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12 Dec 2012

Seems accurate.


You should always adjust for population.


Mount Stupid

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29 Oct 2012

A lot of people are content to sit on top of the hump.


Either I’m not reading this correctly, or the person who created it has never actually seen a dog on a farm – they are some of the happiest creatures to ever walk the earth.


Vacation Time

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12 Jun 2012

Somewhat true. 


Thanks to LisaLisa for sending it in! xoxo