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John Millward analyzed meta data from the Internet Adult Film Database and came up with some interesting findings. Apparently. the average female porn star is 5’5″ tall, weighs 117lbs, has B-cup breasts, starts when they are 22 and has a 3 year career.

Hair color, against stereotype, is not dominated by blondes:

Race matches closely with the general population:


Most common names:

There are other findings, but even a blog named ChartPorn has some limits – so if you want to see them, head over to the original article.

Pick a chord, then another, then another – and it will display a list of songs written with that key, and a visualization of the notes and chords of that song. Below is GCGF.



The same site has other cool musical tools. You can test your ear and musical transcription:


and a basic multimedia music theory book for the iPad.

I don’t know that this works that great as a venn,  but I like having list of nonsense all in one place to remind me how much of it there is.

I suppose you could argue about what metric to use to measure the effectiveness of the drug war – but I’ve never seen one that justifies the costs (probably true for most “wars”).  Anyways, the author of the below chart does a great job detailing his sources and methodology on his website.


Music sales rose last year for the first time in over a decade. Click below for a video explanation over at the Economist. Huffington has some more of the numbers.

I look at this chart and wonder who is still buying all that physical music? Must be the same people who are responsible for this list of top ten selling albums I have never heard.


Which of these do you worry about?

I’m not expert enough on any of these to say whether this is accurate or not. A clear explanation of what the different colors and line widths would have been helpful.


Some other versions:


Bloomberg has several interactive tools for filtering and ranking the the world’s billionaires.


If you click on any of them, individual profiles come up, like for Carlos Slim":


You can plot them by industry, gender, number of children and all kinds of other variables.


An amusing map from 1927, showing which areas of California could be used to film movies that you wanted to look like other parts of the world.

filming locations

Games by genre, and games by platform. Labeling the axis might have been useful – I assume it’s supposed to be percent of total, with the space at top “other”? I tried to find the original source for this, but had no luck.

I dabble in VJ’ing, and it’s amazing what you can do with todays tools, like Resolume. But take a look at what Oskar Fischinger did back in 1938 with pieces of paper hanging from wires in his synesthetic interpretation of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody. Amazing. Actually, it’s kind of embarrassing. We are so spoiled.

A cool real time synced visualization of guitar riffs and their matching tabs notations. Apparently the Soundslice site let’s you annotate any youtube video in such a way. I love internet functionality mashups like this.


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