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26 Jun 2013

I started Chart Porn because I love graphics. I love data. I love visualizations.  I love sharing with other people the information, perspective, and inspiration that I gain from all these works of data art. Running Chart Porn is a lot of fun. However, it also runs up a sizeable annual webhosting bill.

Chart Porn currently has about 12,000 RSS subscribers, 8,000 Twitter followers, and 4,000 Facebook followers, but I have decided to not have any advertising on the site – I just don’t like them, and find the whole process distracting from my goal of providing the best content.

If Chart Porn makes you laugh, or look at the world a little differently, or inspires your own designs, then please take the time to click on the box and PayPal a donation. If you can’t swing anything now, I completely understand – times are tough out there. Don’t worry – I’ll keep posting cool charts either way.


Thanks for your support!

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June 28th, 2013 at 9:34 am

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, and for your sweet notes! Who knew there were so many chart lovers out there. We’ve raised enough to cover about 4 months of hosting so far.

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