What Wall Street Protesters are Angry About – in Charts

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14 Oct 2011

A series of 30+ charts on unemployment, wages, corporate profits, income inequality, debt, taxes, and bailouts from the Business Insider. It’s actually quite an accurate compendium, and the narrative annotation spices up what are otherwise pretty dry charts from the St. Louis Fed (note: if you’ve never used the FRED data/graphing system, you should really go play with it – they even have an APP now). I particularly like the sequence where they illustrate that banks are borrowing money from the FED at basically zero interest rates, and using it to buy treasuries. Hilarious.


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October 17th, 2011 at 10:04 pm

I agree with the ‘occupy’ movement but for different reasons than I think the majority if the protesters understand. This really is a great set of graphs and figures. Its too bad that bankers have been allowed to hijack the capitalist system for their own purposes. The beauty of capitalism is sustainability, but corporatism has replaced capitalism and created a highly distorted short-term unsustainable set of profits (largely because of the introduction of the central banking institution). I hope the occupy movement succeeds in changing public policy – I just hope the changes in policy doesn’t turn out to be anti-capitalist, because they would target the wrong policies.

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