(Not) Spreading the Wealth

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20 Jun 2011

Some interesting charts on income distribution, from the Washington Post. (related article)


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June 28th, 2011 at 11:52 am

That chart is total crap. It lumps 90% of the population together in a single group? Why? How many of those people were even alive in 1970?

The fact that the size of that group has grown by 50% and the total income has only decreased by 1% is an amazing feat. But the truth is those percentage groups aren’t the same people over time. In terms of income, we all start off at $0, but it would be absurd to compare a 60 year old to a 6 month old, or just an 18yo, would it not?

You need to compare *people* over time, not incomes: http://psidonline.isr.umich.edu/

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