What Your Taxes Pay For: $10,000 Dataviz Challenge

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24 Feb 2011

Google and Eyebeam have created a $10,000 dataviz challenge for designers to visualize how individual federal income taxes are spent. The site includes details, data, and a few cool examples, like the one below that lets you input your income and see how the government shelled out your shekels. Submissions are due by March 27, 2011. (Thanks to Melissa Mac for the link!)


An inspirational British version:


and a excellent interactive chart one that let’s you examine the changing income inequality in the united states (and probably the only good use I’ve seen of a pie chart in a long time):


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Barney Blenheim

February 27th, 2011 at 7:42 pm

The Average income in the top five percent looks to have had pretty reasonable growth over time. What is out of whack is the top one percent. This includes who? I know that Charlie Sheen was making a million dollars per episode of whatever crazy show he just got canned from, and a bunch of singers and movie stars make crazy money too.

And I know that last year, George Soros made three billion dollars. A number like that probably throws the entire chart out of whack for the 90,000 or so other people in that top bracket.

I want to see a chart showing me exactly what fields of “work” these high income earners are in, and in what percentages.

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